Art with kids

Passion or profession, which to weigh more. It’s puzzling, and I feel if the profession is passion then it’s a dream come true. By profession I am an engineer, but colours have always fascinated me. I am a self learned painter, and what I figured out is that it has no rules. Through  mistakes we learn more new art. In this world of technology, even when we fail to get a paper or pencil ( though it’s the best ), many apps help to bring shape to our imagination. One of the apps that I love is kidsdoo app.

Colours bring story. Created using kidsdoo  app.

To be with kids, makes us feel much younger and their fascination when the colours spill and splater is amazing. All these thoughts made me start of a venture, art with kids.

I have gone through many sites to learn how to teach kids art and came across a very interesting site ARTABET.

Plan for the art class:

  1.  Free hand drawing of basic shapes

    Minnie,kids favourite,  even mine. Created using kidsdoo  app.
  2. Let’s draw 1- animals, flowers
  3. Let’s draw 2- automobiles, fruits
  4. Introduction to Oil pastels
  5. Introduction to pencil colouring- shading
  6. Introduction to water colouring

Plan to have this blog filled with splashes of the junior Picasso’s.




2 thoughts on “Art with kids

  1. Hi Rita (blog), This is Ron Mulvey, creator of the Artabet. Your header onFeb 18th captures the two basic principles of Artabet.
    1- There are no mistakes in Art
    2- There are no Rules in Art … only Principles

    I noticed you have a fascination with color. My color Guru is Faber Birren. Look him up and you will be amazed!!!
    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help spread your enthusiasm and artistic insights.

    I’ll be doing a Skillshare class called ‘No Drips No Slips’ English Watercolor Style, that is all about Watercolor Essentials. I’ll keep you posted if you like.

    Thanks, Ron ( Just wanted to let you know I am are here if you need anything extra, especially for your teaching or if you’re looking to expand your abilities with your art.)

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    1. Hi, Ron great to hear from you. A guidance from a person like you will be superb. I shall surely look up Faber Birren. It would be my pleasure to get posts from you on the essentials of water colouring. I am also planning to take classes for kids on water colouring. Teaching kids art in a fun way is a challenge, and you have really brought a solution for it through Artabet.
      Thanks for the support.


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